Extreme Shock production on hold

I had recently noticed that MidwayUSA has several of the cartridge variations in different calibers for Extreme Shock listed as being “discontinued”, and after digging, I found that they are apparently out of business as of this blog mention from 2 months ago:

Anybody else hear this? They made for great specialty pistol cartridge collecting fodder with all their variations and those 6rd packs which were priced low. Probably will still be available on various ammo websites and the auction sites for a while.

I did some performance testing of these 7 or 8 years ago, and some of my pictures of them were in the IAA Journal. I still have some of them in the original blister packs. I guess I’ll hang onto them. I don’t remember them being priced low, but I never bought any, as the manufacturer gave me a supply of everything they made at the time, including .30-'06, which I thought was a strange caliber for such bullets. I didn’t fire any of those.

I should clarify - they are priced relatively very high per rd, however they are cheaper to acquire per type in terms of buying a 6rd pack to pick up a few as a collector rather than having to buy a box of 20 or 50 as is usually the case with other pistol cartridges, even though those cost much less per cartridge. Especially if you buy a bunch of different type 6-packs and sell/trade 3 or 4 rds to others, then you end up doing alright with a few specimens and the original package.

I’d think for this ammunition, the interest is more in the packaging than the individual rounds, what with the full-color picture of the SWAT guy (with shotgun) on the card going after the bad guys to shoot them dead with Extreme Shock bullets. But I don’t think they had Extreme Shock shotgun shells.

Oh they had plenty of 12ga & .410 stuff:


Aside from those oddball cylindrical shot loads that were frangible, they originally had made a slug which was basically a .45 cal “air freedom” bullet loaded into a sabot.

Interesting. I didn’t know of these. The “shot” does appear to be cylindrical. I wonder if those loads are also going away?

As I was recently looking up some of the types of Extreme Shock ammo to buy, I came across a strange story of how they are in fact just switching marketing companies and changing their website… I think? The story was here, dated March 2011: http://www.ammoland.com/2011/03/10/extreme-shock-ammunition-severs-all-ties-with-paramount-marketing/
The story seems really strange and very hard to believe. If ExtremeShock had a problem with the way that Pyramount (a web design company who would have been taking all the terminology and nomenclature cues directly from ExtremeShock) was marketing their ammo, would they have not said something and changed over 5 years ago? Extreme Shock has been in operation for many years now - why wait this long? I’m not even 100% sure that this switch to the “Blue August” marketing company with the new website (.net instead of .com) has them any better off, or if they are still in business. One would think that the supply to major buyers like MidwayUSA would be uninterrupted, but Midway says “discontinued” on all of the E.S. products except .357sig AFR. There are no updates on the new E.S. website either. It’s too much to believe that Pyramount (a cheesy / flashy design company) would have come up with the whole “Tungsten-Nytrillium” thing on their own without clearing it through E.S.

Just for fun, I called “Extreme Shock” (Mullins Ammunition Company) today. While I could not talk to anyone, I got a recording that sounded quite normal - that is, normal for a company still in business - mentioning the Extreme Shock line, their website, and an invitation to leave my number and they would call me back when they could. I will admit that my success with these “call back promises” to businesses is about 25%. I will report on what happense if they call me back. If they don’t call, I won’t bother to carry on this thread, since I know of no positive source other than the company itself.

If anyone else has some more postive, and CONFIRMED information about this, please post it. So far, everything on the thread is conjecture or un-substantiated information from secondary sources.

I have Jeff Mullins personal number as (540)926-6772. Was that the number you tried?

Suggest someone call Jeff tomorrow (Tuesday) and find out what is going on. I could but am overwhelmed tomorrow.



Yes, that is the number, although the current area code seems to be 276. That is off the internet, and the fact that Mullins Ammo Company answered would indicate it is current. I don’t know Mr. Mullins personally, so I will have to wait for his response, if any. I don’t pester people I don’t know personally, only my friends (as Lew can attest to). :-)

If one of you that knows him personally could call, it would be better. The information I could use is when he went into business, when Extreme Shock came out, and when and if he closed the doors. I need this information for the company history portion of his company’s Makarov ammunition production part of my Makarov text. They made one run, evidently for Makarov.Com. In fact, I could use confirmation of that, as well. I was told that there was only one run of the Makarov cartridge, but not by Mullins or his company.

Any help anyone can give me will be appreciated. I don’t want false information in my text, but would like it to be as complete as it can be.

I just sent a fax to Extremeshock’s fax number asking about their status, and I also sent an email to the Macedonian agent (in Macedonian) and the Netherlands agent asking about their status. Those are the only 2 international distributors listed on the website. I’ll update if I hear anything. I also put a question mark on the thread title to reflect that this is all more of a question than a statement - which I should have been more clear about.

I received an answer (via fax) to a fax that I sent to Extreme Shock last week and it says that production is on hold while they are improving / revamping their methods and making some new projectiles. It said that they found a new way of manufacturing the compressed core material by using nano-technology, and that this method outperforms their original design. It was unsigned and had no ETA on the new ammo.

Uhh… Sounds like they won’t be around much longer. I have seen numerous businesses employ similar stalling tactics to avoid announcing that they are upside-down. There is no cash flow if your production stops.

I just today received a phone call from a very nice lady at Extreme Shock, who confirmed that the Extreme Shock portion of Mullins Ammunition Company is closing its doors. Final shutdown will evidently be next month. As most know, it is not an overnight thing to close any business of approximately 11 years duration.

It is a shame to see the demise of any legitimate business in the Gun Industry, something that happens too often these days. I did not question the reasons for the closure, as I felt it was none of my business. Between the economy, and the continuing Government repression of firearms rights at all levels of government, it is not surprising.

I was surprised, and grateful, for the reply from Extreme Shock. Closing a business, something I painfully know about, is not easy, with everyone very busy, but the lady in question was extremely courteous and helpful - a real class act. Some other companies in our industry could learn from them!

Interesting to hear. On the one hand the report of closing next month, and in my fax answer from last week they were tending towards nano-technology for a better product. I would trust John’s phone message from a person spoken-to over my fax however, and his exchange is more recent.

It is too bad though. I did notice that Natchezz still had some of the 6-packs in stock of .45GAP and .45 Colt, for collectors who want some variety

I had a call into Karen at Extreme Shock today and she says that while the “Extreme Shock” name and business is going away, they are reopening with a new website in the next 30-60 days under the name Allegiance ammo. Allegiance ammo was something that Extreme Shock had started over a year ago which was basically just low-cost ball ammo, but now they are reshaping with everything under that name. She said that a few of the Extreme Shock types will be renamed and repackaged into the following:

Air Freedom (AFR) will become “One Strike”

Copper training (CT-2) will become “Green Strike”

Silent Warrior (SW) and Enhanced Penetrator (EPR) will become “Solid Strike”

Fang Face will remain discontinued

I assume that the website they will use will be their current semi-defunct one at www.allegianceammo.com , but I’m not certain

Sounds odd to me. Why drop an established name and website for a little-known one associated with cheap products?

Good Question Tony, and I can only speculate that something to do with the issue of marketing / branding through Pyramount (whom they had a dispute with) has something to do with it. Or maybe a change in ownership, or some other financial reasons. Who knows… I wonder how the new prices will compare and if it will be the same style 6rd packs and 20rd boxes as before?

Is there any more news about this? The old Alliance web link seems to be broken, but I did find this, posted last month: blog.nugun.org/2012/04/13/nraam- … mmunition/