Eye Candy from Dads collection


NICE! Thanks for the pictures!
What is the headstamp on the draw set?

Dan its the Nambu from the other picture.

I had this posted a long time ago 7.62x39 panel

Thanks Jim, and thanks for the link vlad.

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What is the BSA Pack 150?

Could be:
Boy Scouts of America, Pack (i.e. group) #150

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Yes it was BSA pack #150 & is a .577 3 1/8" case which Jim had made for his son, correct Jay?
The originals had a lead bullet with a hollow base and a wood pencil in the base. I understand a very limited number were nmade. Any idea how many Jay?


Correct pack 150.,Franklin park, il. Dad was,scoutmaster. He probably at least made 100. I’ll check, but his memory on those things is never great. If you want to know what he paid,for a machine in 1973 he could tell you (and most machines since), but not number of cases made.

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I think we did a tour for all the scouts of Bensenville. The parting gift was the case. Dad really had a heart for the kids without father figures in their lives. Amlost all of them still hold him in the highest regard. This is probably one,of his best traits.

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Hey all,

Dad said 50 to 100 - best guess. All scouts and Dad’s got one.