Eye Candy - Ordnance Department U.S.A

I posted this once before, but this kind of eye candy never gets old.

Thanks, Ray! “Eye Candy” for sure!


Ray–Nice!!! Exactly what is it. Is it a pin, a wall plaque, badge, or what?

These items are always nice to see and have just to add spice to the “man room.” I have a similar one in black, red and white, but with a banner below it specific to Aberdeen Proving Ground. It is what I call a "refridgerator magnet? and is tuck to the door of my big safe. It is a good magnet - been then for twenty years or so and still so tight I couldn’t get it off a minute ago to make a scan of it.

I guess you’d call it a wall plaque. The round part is six-inches in diameter and about an inch thick. I made it quite a few years ago (it’s 4 seperate pieces) when I had an obsession with US Martial Arms - before the cartridges became an obsession.

It duplicates the plaques found on many of the OD’s facilities and the logo on much of its printed material. I’m not sure exactly when it was first used. Prior to the War Of The Rebellion, I know for sure.