F.a. match carton labels

Frankford Arsenal manufactured Cal .30 T291 and M72 MATCH ammunition from 1957 until 1961. During that short time, no less than 9 different carton labels were used.

I’m researching the different labels and need help in finding a few that I’m missing. If you have any of the following lot numbers, please email me.

Lot 1
Lot 2
Lot 27 or 28
Lot 43
Lot 120




Surely there is somebody out there that has one of these cartons. I’d even take a photo.



I am currently in Italy.
I’ll have a look when I am back


Thanks Rene. I really appreciate it. Although, I think I already have photos of all of your T291 and M72 boxes.

I think I have the different labels identified and photographed but I am missing a couple that are on the border-line. For example, Lot 1 and Lot 3 have different labels, but I don’t know if the change was made before, after, or during production of Lot 2 (which I don’t have and have never seen). I know that labels were changed in the middle of a Lot at least once, and that may be what happened with Lot 2.


Hi Ray,

did a bit of surfing in the internet and found a few pictures that might be interesting
LOT 41 A (why the " A " ? )
LOT 42
LOT 43
LOT 44 (from own collection)


looks like a lot 1 here lower right, one to the left of it doesn’t show a T number but it is a 1975 dated box & bullet weight plus vel. are the same.

My single FA M72 box is lot 102, the others are LC mfg. need a photo?

Edited once to add the M72 info


if I am not mistaking, your FA 1 is a pre-production box.
But I guess Ray will know for sure.


Rene & Pete

Thanks for the photos.

Rene - the “A” in Lot FA 41A is the Sub Lot. Sub Lots A, B, and C were manufactured. A and B were packed in cartons and Sub Lot C was packed in clips, in boxes. “Sub Lots” was a carry-over from the pre T291 days and practiced by Frankford Arsenal through 1960. I cannot find where Lake City continued the practice with the M72 that it manufactured.

Notice that the F.A. label changed starting with Lot 44 and the new designation as M72.

Pete - Cartons FA 5 and FA 11 are typical of the early T291 manufacture. The two bottom cartons are the very earliest labels. The one on the left was marked only with the velocity, for some reason. Others have no added markings whatsoever. The right hand carton is one of the pre-production inspectors sub lots. I have Sub Lot 973 in my own collection.

(I think you meant 1957 for the date on the left box).

Thanks to both of you for responding, and for the photos. I’m getting closer to filling in the blank spots in my research. A photo of Lot FA 2 is one of the missing pieces.