F-C 45 COLT Headstamp

I have a fired .45 Colt case with the headstamp “F-C 45 COLT”. Is this Federal Cartridge Co.? I have never seen or heard of “F-C” with the dash between the letters anywhere else.

Yes, this is caliber .45 Colt by Federal Cartridge Corporation. We don’t know why it has the dash. I think it probably signifies that the cases were made by some other company for Federal. It is not a commonly found marking. I have only had one fired case with that headstamp go through my hands, and it made the advanced collector I gave it to very, very happy. I don’t think he has ever found another loaded one, or even another fired case.

I don’t know why it is so scarce. Perhaps one of the guys who seriously collect the .45 Colt cartridge can tell us more about this one. I never could find out anything about it, except that it was from federal.

John Moss

Thaks John for the information. I didn’t think this headstamp would be anything special.

Falcon–It just goes to show that you never know when a piece of gold will show up among the floss!!

Never overlook what APPEARS to be something common.

So true! If it looks odd…get it. I recently got a 7.8mm Hebler-Lorenz from a dig box because it looked a bit different. It’s fun to try to ID the “unknown”!

The headstamp that Falcon is referring to is on the right.