F.n.c.m. 45 s.paulo 45

I thought I would share are rather rare 45 acp headstamp
New to me anyway.
Bob R.

Nice! Never seen or even heard of that variation. Congrats. I think you need to concentrate on those and give away all your .32s. ;)

I have this same round. I think yours is now the Third known specimen in a collection, although I did not contact every single .45 collector. AACAM has one in their collection, and there might be one or two in Brazilian collections, although I did not get a reply on it years ago, when I got mine, that confirmed or denied that. I know that most major American collections of .45 do NOT have this round.

Very nice find.

Bob and John, both of your rounds came from the AACAM cartridge stock and for what is worth are the only ones I have seen here.

We used to have an example in our reference collection but in 2009 we decided to give it to John for all the kindness and friendship shared with us during all these years.



Fede - And once again, I thank you very much. The sentiment expressed means far more to me than the cartridge, although of course, it, too, is a treasure. I hope you understand why I did not mention that fact myself.

I can say, with a pretty fair confidence in the accuracy of the statement, that in most of the cartridge-collecting world, the FNCM headstamp on .45 was totally unknown prior to the time I received it. The only auto pistol calibers for FNCM that I can recall, other than the .45, are the 6.35 mm (.25 Auto) and 7.65 mm Browning (.32 Auto).