F.W.H. Percussion Caps

Can anyone tell me know who is F.W.H.? Tin box is marked: “F.W.H TRADE MARK LONDON”.

I know of a F. W. Hart, but the address is 39 Queen St. Scarborough, He was a shot shell retailer

Not one that I have a record of! Do you have any other information on the tin Fede?

It might not even be a name! It could be a place or a slogan.

V.W.H. Trade Mark/Name belongs to Henry Pullan it stands for “Vale of the White Horse” an area near the gunmaker.

Hi Fede.
I have the same tin (raised lettering stamped on iron top). I have done quite a bit of research on both the makers (or sellers initials) and patent initials and have not come up with anything yet. Does your tin have a side wrap around label? Mine does, but it is very worn and not readable.


Have you a picture ?
It could helps me to check if it is sfm made.

Thanks everybody for the help. Will, no, it does not have remnants of a label.

Here is a picture of the markings of another example of this box (from a WR cased pistol):


The mark looks remarkably like an English(or American) hallmark that would be found on silver or gold and some other metals. WAG???

Sportsclay you are probably onto something. Most of the small cap makers were makers of buttons or other small brass thingies. Also Jewelers and gunmakers also made caps. I have gone through the gunmakers with no luck. Now I will go through the button makers and then the London jewelry makers. Thank for the idea.

Will, I have already done the silver and goldsmith’s when I made the post two days ago, used various databases with out any luck. I did not try buttons, didn’t think of that possibility!

I also used this https://www.gov.uk/search-for-trademark but I never seem to get good results from this, must be the way I use it.