FA 1-06 Headstamp

I have a 30-06 spent case. It isn’t brass. The head stamp is FA 1-06. I know FA is Frankfort Arsenal. The 1- 06 I think is January 1906. Isn’t that possible one of the earliest runs of 30-06?

No, it is a re-worked 30-03 case.
The earliest 30-06 headstamp is FA 9 06

you say the case isn’t brass, what is it then?
Is it magnetic?
can you post a picture

FRANKFORD Arsenal is the proper spelling, Idflatwater.


Tinned blank? They’re pretty popular with headstamps like that. Jack

Thank you for the correction.

Note the thin line across the head of the case (from 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock) which was used by Frankford Arsenal on ammunition loaded using previously fired cases. They were not very picky about cases used to make blank cartridges, but were very attuned to saving money wherever possible, so use of .30-03 cases trimmed to .30-06 length is to be expected.

They had a large quantity of .30-03 blanks with paper bullets on hand after the .30-06 was adopted and they modified a lot of those by basically sizing the to .10 inch of the neck of the case tighter so that they would chamber in the new shorter chambers.