FA 1932 National Match


Out of the woods of PA comes an image which will reverberate all the way to Arizona. Cool find for $25, even though 1 of 4 clips (chargers) is missing.




Nice clean box.

The 1932 National Matches were cancelled due to the Great Depression and the ammunition was returned to stores. All except one box from Chest 648 which escaped. ;)



So, if ammo was returned back to retail stores, this must be the most common year from the collector’s point of view. Right?



It wasn’t returned to “retail” stores. It was returned to Frankford Arsenal stores. There were no National Matches in '32, '33, and '34 even though ammunition was manufactured in both '32 and '33. The ammunition was ordered and manufactured at the beginning of the year and the matches would not have been cancelled until later due to a lack of funding.

The NM would still have been used in local and regional tournaments and for practice. So there would not necessarily be any more left over than for any other year. Maybe even less since Frankford would likely have been very generous in filling every request that came in.



Ray, You need to get DaveE to draw you a 34 NM round which you can look at just hoping a real one does actually turn up.



That would be neat. I think he has already drawn a NM 41 which may or may not exist either.

Rene went so far as to photo-shop a NM 41 box. I nearly choked on my peanut butter sandwich when I saw it.

I still believe that someday, cartridge collecting will all be “virtual” since the real thing will have been outlawed completely.



Dave did draw a 41 NM, I remember him posting it. Another good virtual one would be a .303 Mark III ball, there are only 2 of those known in collections.



If you can provide a good image of the headstamp and steer me to dimensional drawings of the case and projectile used, I’d be glad to generate a cyber knock-off of the .303 Mk III ball. The more detailed the drawings, the more fun it is…Cordite powder would be a lot easier to generate than other types though…I don’t know much about the .303 but I’m always happy to learn!

Ray would have to learn me on the specifics of what would likely be a '34 NM as well before I could model one of them. M1 projecile, no cannelure?



Thanks Dave, email sent.


[quote=" . . . Ray would have to learn me on the specifics of what would likely be a '34 NM as well before I could model one of them. M1 projecile, no cannelure? Dave[/quote]

[color=#FF0000]IF[/color] they had manufactured 34 NM it [color=#FF0000]LIKELY[/color] would have been the same as the '33 and '35. Standard M1 except for the headstamp.




OK only headstamp on this is a " III " at 06:00 (no serifs or anything fancy. Just straight up-rights & don’t know how to change fonts to obtain correct here) Perhaps part (foot) of an “L”.
One of two known from RL & likely had a broadarrow between the R & the L
Quick snap sorry not the best but should give the bullet details. Loaded with stick Cordite & a glazed over powder wad, now missing, but I’m not complaining.


Very nice Pete, I did not know you had that! Is it the section that Freddy Mead used to have?

Just so DaveE knows, the full headstamp will be “R(arrow)L C III”, exactly the same as a cordite Mark II ball with the addition of the extra digit.

I will post a picture later if no-one else does.




Between the info Falcon, Ron M. and now with Pete’s rather impressive item to reference, I should be good to go on the model of the Mk III. Thank you much for offering. On the other hand, if you think you may have a photo with a unique view perspective, by all means please post the picture as the more information the better!

I hope to get started on it tonight (been busy with business, thankfully!) and look forward to working out some challenges I see in getting the real detail down.



Freddys, Ralph Helmstalk, then Bill Woodin for a few days as a it was a dupe for him. (his still has the powder & wad)



Thanks for mentioning “powder & wad”. The devil is in the detail…
In the pursuit of accuracy, I need some help with these features:

Can anyone provide the diameter of “cordite, size 3-3/4”?

How about the approximate thickness of the wad and a color (if any) that would be typical in a Mk III?

Thanks in advance for any help on these items.



Only difference (other than the headstamp) between a MK II & a MK III is the bullet. So a MK II wad & powder. I’m not at home so don’t have that in front of me. Sorry.