FA 29 NM Headstamp

An unusual headstamp from Frankford Arsenal for an otherwise standard issue cartridge. Does anyone (Chris P) know why?


Looks like a normal 1929 National Match headstamp to me - what am I missing?
Now, find me an FA 41 NM and I’ll start collecting '06 again !!!

It’s in the stars, Chris. Never saw that before, or since.

I have a whole bandoleer of the NM 41, in clips. How many do you want? ;) ;) No, wait. They’re NM 40.

I have seen references (by shooters) that say that the NM 41 was never made, that the war clouds on the horizon prompted FA to abandon their assembly. But it would seem to me that if cases were made they would not have simply been scrapped but used for dummies, etc. Maybe HWS III will have an update on them.

You’d give up those .455 cartridges and go back to '06??


Chris will probably get angry if you write that he collects 455 revolver cartridges…450 revolver only!

I am joking :)


Yeah, I know. I was pulling his chain. But what difference does it make? Really? 450 or 455? Same thing, only different. :) :)

Edit - Smiley faces added to keep me out of the woodshed.