FA 51 30-06 cartridges with dots


There’s one reference to this topic in the archives but no conclusions were drawn. I picked these two dummies up yesterday at the ECRA meeting at Bisley, is there any understanding as to what the dots, or lack of them, signifies?

Other than the dots, the two cartridges appear to be identical although the cases are slightly different colours.

Happy collecting, Peter


Hi Peter,

the significance of the dots is not always 100% clear. In some cases it denotes a change in manufacturing process,
in other cases it might indicate a change in case design.
Here are some other “dots” from Frankford Arsenal.

There is another one from FA with two dots on the left side of thes case. I am still looking
for that one. Anybody out there . . . . .??



Here are a couple more to add to the search.

I have a full, sealed 20 round box of dummy 7.62 NATO, that, with a little peeking through a corner of the top, shows a FA 50 HS with two dots. I have a dummy 5 round stripper clip with the same HS.

Also. I have a dummy 5 round stripper clip of 30-06 with R dot A HS’s. These rounds have flutes with green paint in them.

I am new to the forum and don’t know how to attach pics to my post. The pics are in my personal folder in my computer. If someone could please tutor me on how to post pics, I would be most grateful. Thanks, Al Hirschler in Dallas.[/img][/img]



Go to the index for the General Discussion Forum…up at the top there are instructions from Ron Merchant on how to post photos…



I tried, but got the dreaded box with red x. I can’t open either of them. Can anyone see the images? Thanks, Al.


The R • A headstamp signifies a simplified drawing process, or at least does on .45 auto, where it also appears. I cannot imagine it doesn’t mean the same on .30.