FA 52 7.62x51

I have a round of 7.62x51 NATO headstamped FA 52 with a silver bullet tip. I don’t have any info on NATO stuff, but it sounds early to me. What exactly is this and is it at all special?

edited to say FA instead of LC.


That would be a rare cartridge indeed.

The first T65 LC cartridge that I’m aware of is LC 54, and the first NATO headstamp is + LC 55. Are you positive of the details? Are you positive that it’s not a reload on a cut-down '06??

Got a photo?

Wanna trade or sell??


Hendere-I would agree with Ray that you either have a VERY rare cartridge or something strange is going on. The silver tip is a Armour Piercing Incendiary bullet. I have this load in a Pre-NATO round headstamped “F A 49”. It is a FAT1E1 case (49.5mm–1.949 inch).

We need more details and hopefully a picture. Please measure the case length to confirm that it is 51.1mm. What are the details of the primer?

Just a small point, but it is technically only a 7.62x51 NATO when it has the NATO symbol, otherwise it is just a 7.62x51 or .308 Win. And all of these with dates before 1954 are PRE-NATO. The NATO countries agreed to adopt the T-65 7.62x51 cartridge as the NATO standard in December 1953.

I’m an idiot. The headstamp is FA 52. It is a little over 51mm long.


A good cartridge, none-the-less. It’s a T101.


Thanks Ray!