FA Headstamp change

I recall seeing this mentioned somewhere before, whether on the Forum or not I don’t recall. So . . .

When did Frankford Arsenal change the headstamp of the Cal .30 M1906 from month and year to just the year? I think it was around 1915 but I’d like to pin it down a lot closer than that.



Ray–The last Month-Year dated FA was F A 8 17 according to Gerry Marcello in “.30-06 We Have Seen, Vol. II”. Chris Punnett in “.30-06” says the same thing.

Thanks Ron. Now, when did they first change to just the FA and Year??

I’m trying to determine if 1915 and 1916 Match cartridges would have been loaded with 2 or 3 character headstamps.


Ray–Production for Sept. to Dec. 1917 used F A 17. I would have top guess that the 1915 and 16 Match rounds used the F A Month Year style headstamps.