FA May of 1910 Model 1906 Type question


Pictures attached of Non magnetic 149 grain projectile with raised cross or x on base??



Hi Joe,

I have asked that question before on the forum but got no answer.
Can’t find it on the forum but here is the picture I attached.
Mine was on case with H/S: RA H 18




I have the same bullet that came from an R A H 18 cartridge, the same as Rene’s.

It’s discussed in C.P.'s book and there is an earlier thread here on the Forum. Do a search on “Hoboken” and you’ll find it. From the looks of the primer, I think yours may be a handload.



The case inside had 39 grains of stick powder and it was blackened inside like it had possibly been fired before.



The bullet I have was pulled from a live cartridge. It has 46.5 grains of an IMR powder that looks like Pyro DG. A typical load.

I don’t know what to make of the primer on Rene’s case? Like nothing I’ve ever seen before.




your cartridge seems to have a brass primer.
I think it was until 1917 (introduction of the FA70 primer) that copper primers were used.

I’ll try to find the cartridge in my collection and make a better picture of the primer



Joe, I can’t help with its meaning, but I can add that this marking is also found in bullets loaded in 7.65 Browning cartridges headstamped REM-UMC 32 ACP that were made sometime before 1920. Regards, Fede.


Another collector tells me he has one of the X or + marked bullets that he found loaded in a 1918 KN Mk VII .303 cartridge.