FA Microballistic Cartridges

I have run across a listing of a series of cartridges called FA Microballistic Cartridges. The list includes the following:

1.1 x 13.1 mm R
1.2 x 19 mm R
2 x 13 mm
2 x 13 mm R
2 x 20.5 mm R
2 x 20.6 mm
2 x 24.8 mm
2 x 25.5 mm

I have no idea if these are rimfire or centerfire. Does anyone have any pictures or any information at all about this series of cartridges?

Here is some more information and a link that shows what this series of cartridges looks like. They are centerfire.


If anyone has any of these cartridges for sale contact me by email (click below). I am putting together a collection of Micro cartridges (those 5mm or .21 caliber or less).