FA tombstone 1816-1977 .308


According to Dan Dietz (from whom I acquired this), this is an un-plated speciment and is relatively un-common. He said that FA ran out of time to finish all needed cartridges. It has the following written on it “Loaded in test area”. May someone post a plated one?


No need to post a pic here in the Forum. I did a blurb for the October 2008 “Cartridge of The Month,” (Tombstone Dummies). Just go to the Cartridge of the Month section of this web site and click on Oct '08.

I included six different variations, etc. Paul Smith did the sectioned round. Neat things, made possible by our own IAA member Col Frank Hackley, who was the last commanding officer of Frankford Arsenal in 1977, and who thought the commemorative round would be an appropriate project for the Arsenal as it was shutting down. He was right.