Fabricaciones Militares de Argentina en sus distintos Arsena

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Fabricaciones Militares de Argentina en sus distintos Arsenales

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Wow! I wish I had studied Spanish!

I think when they get this site really going it could turn into something really important. Right now, it is a little weak on ammo, but it is clear that this is a fairly new site, and is in progress.

Jon - I don’t think language will be a great impediment to enjoying this site once they really get the subjects covered. The photography is more than adequate, and a lot of the Spanish isn’t too hard to follow if you have a few arms terms.

Since they seem to be working as part of, or at least closely with AACAM, the ammunition section should improve dramatically. Right now, it barely skims the top of the subjects presented. I think in the future, if the perservere, though, that this is going to be a real winner - an important site for information on Argentine Arms and Ammunition.

A very interesting site, eve if my Spanish sucks a lot is understandable.

Just the cartridge which is declared as a 20x102 is a 20x110 USN.

The site www.cartuchosfm.es.tl is not related in any way to AACAM.

No permission was ever granted to use the AACAM logo and brochure.

That’s probably the main reason of such a poor information about argentinian ammunition production.

As Fede said this site is no related with AACAM, it