Fabrique Gevelot Cartouches pour Sarbacanes

Could someone tell me a little more about this?

When I look up Sarbacanes it seems to be a blowgun, but I think they are referring to the cane guns or walking sticks.


serbacanes are blowguns since you have to blow into the end of the cane or walking stick for moving the firing pin towards the cartridge primer… so they are blowguns but not as common people imagine a blowgun…

Here is an old topic with some good visuals viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2464&p=14317&hilit=sarbacane#p14317

If you check the IAA Journal Master Index you will find a reference to “Sarbacanes” which will point you to an excellent article on the subject (Issue 454) complete with drawings of the blow-pipe guns and the various cartridges they used.

Thanks Vlad and Chris.

Now to figure out what to do with these! I don’t think I need to start collecting Sarbacane cartridges!