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Notice to interest! Come join us on our group of cartridge-ammunition collector! Here is the link!



Nice group! Did you think about promoting it? There are tricks that will help to do it. Like, did you know what’s the best time to post on facebook? Here’s an article about this, it was really useful for me.

Keep in mind that there is plenty of people absolutely disagreeing with what Facebook stands for or is doing and do not have an account there (or ever will).

In my view there is nothing there that can not (or is) be(ing) discussed here.
Why splitting one subject and group of people into 2 places?


The link doesn’t work, and you had better make any ammo related Facebook page set as at least “private”, if not “secret” to avoid some anti-gun non members from crying-foul. Those sort of groups are invitation only, and are an unfortunate necessity given Facebook’s serious anti-gun stance.


I am in total agreement with EOD and DK. I have never belonged to face book and never will. Aside from the fact the seeing it once in awhile at a source close to me, I am astonished by the sheer volume of inane comments made on it. Further, and much more important, I cannot think of a better source for Identity Theft. That can be a problem with any public Forum, even this one, but in my view, the problem is a hundred-fold on face book. JMHO.

Edit: Postscript. I will readily admit that I have read many entries on a cartridge collectors group “forum” (I don’t know if that is the right word or not) and it is a cut far above a lot of the trash on face book. They do a pretty good job of it, often excellent. However, I would still never, never have a face book account.

John Moss

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Same here…all the so-called
“Social media” sites are simply an excuse for existentially-deprived people ( sheeple) to display their own ignorance and hedonism.
These people need to get a life.
Of course, some who are " smarter than your average bear" ( apologies to Yogi & Boo-boo),
do use it to good effect tearing down other "Useful Idiots " ( V.I. Lenin). There seem to be a lot of these “useful idiots” around the world these days, esp. The USA and Australia. Much more than 1920s, when Lenin coined the
term ( in Russian, of course).

Doc AV
Only a business webpage.

facebook gives me the shutters, can’t believe the garbage & the extraordinary waste of good electrons on display, every day. DocAV has it right, about getting a life.

“Social media” has tremendous influence with younger people today.

I personally avoid Facebook entirely, but having a “cartridge collector” presence there is good for the hobby and helps reach a new audience, much younger than most of us.

Forgotten Weapons just did an interview with Jack Dutschke discussing his cartridge stuff on Instagram, another of the social media type sites. I could not figure out how to access it without signing up, which I will not do. He does have an accessible post on ArmamentResearch.com (ARES) about the British 4.85 x 49mm cartridge which looked impressive.
Here’s the link to Forgotten Weapons post:

To be clear, there is A LOT of decent cartridge-related collector group stuff on Facebook, and a great many of the members in those are not IAA members, so it is fertile ground for gaining an audience or just communicating with others of like interest. You also find that all of the relevant ammunition manufacturers have a presence there, so it is good for new photos, and release of new info. Facebook just doesn’t make it easy some times.

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