Factory case drawing of 6.5x55 Swedish

Does anyone have one? I’m talking the whole shebang, case wall thickness, primer pocket depth, flash hole diameter, etc. I am seeking to make a perfect replica of a 6.5x55 case in CAD from prints.

I’m looking for something like this:

While we’re at it, a high res factory print of 7.62x54R (any load; I just need the case) would also be appreciated.

Nobody? I figured I’d be bombarded by responses, given how common these cartridges are.

Have you checked the websites for SAAMI and CIP? I find SAAMI pretty easy to use - CIP not so. Also, don’t waste your breath contacting CIP. Despite inviting inquiry, they don’t have the common courtesy of answering their email.

I don’t know if what you want is on either. Just another place to check.

SAAMI drawings may have some of the information you wish, but those are not military drawings. I have US military dimensioned and toleranced detail drawings for 7.62mm NATO, .30-'06, 5.56mm, and .50 BMG cases, but nothing else.

Yeah, John, SAAMI and CIP only have data on pressure and external cartridge dimensions. They only govern whether the cartridges are suitable for use with a particular chamber, not the production of the cartridges themselves.

What I’m looking for is something, like the print in the OP, with which I can replicate the entire cartridge in CAD, with the correct dimensions. I have a bunch of these prints, but none for 6.5 Swedish (I recently came across some good ones for 7.62x54R, so I at least have that covered).

Tau - on page 12, of IAA Journal Number 469, Sep-October 2009, is probably the drawing you want. The problem is that the copy of it is not good. I scanned it at 300 ppi and photo-shopped it the best I could, then printed it out full 8-1/2 x 11" size, but still could not read most of the measurements.

The chart was posted by John Pople-Crump, one of our British friends who used to live on Crete. Have not heard from him in awhile. He indicates it comes from the Kynoch Archives. I have no address for them, but one of our British friends can probably supply one, and if you contacted them, perhaps you could arrange for a better copy. This is an official chart from Kongsberg Vapenfabrik in Norway, date from about 1895. It is, of course, in Norwegian, but the measurements appear to be standard metric.

I am sorry I could not make a usable copy for you. I tried, but my computer skills are poor. Perhaps someone more talented than I in that regard, which is about every 10 year old in the world these days, could make a legible copy.

I still think Kynoch Archives would be your best bet, although I have never had any contact with them, so cannot comment on how helpful they are (or are not).

The 6.5mm drawing in IAAJ 469 has the data you want, but the dimensional measurements are essentially illegible, even at high magnification. If all else fails, you could section an empty case and make your own measurements of wall thickness and other internal features.

This is the best I can offer from the Kynoch drawings. It is for the “6.5 KJ” rounds dropped to Norwegian resistance fighters.

John - John Pople-Crump is back in the UK but is not in the best of health after a serious stroke. I will pass on your good wishes.


You can download a pdf with Nammo Lapua’s drawing of the 6,5x55SE from http://www.patroner.no/img2/6,5x55SE_Lapua.pdf. It does not contain all the measurements you ask for, though.

Tau, I tried to post what you are looking for but Photobucket won’t allow me to share a readable image because of its size. Check your email. Regards, Fede.

Thanks, all. Fede has me covered.

Hello again,

I am worried that Fede’s drawing has a thinner chamber wall specification than subsequent spitzer cartridges like the m/41. Does anyone have a factory cartridge print for the m/41?