Factory D.I.L. .303 British Mark VII Draw Set Display Board

I recently acquired a draw set display board for the .303 British Mark VII cartridge.
I had to do a bunch of research on the board to figure out what we had.

D.I.L. , Defense Industries Limited was formed by C.I.L. at the start of World War II,
The plant, Verdun, a suburb of Montreal, manufactured .303 British Mark VII cartridges
for the war effort.

The board has a length of 29" and a height of 15 1/2".
The board is comprised of 2 components for each step of the draw operation.
Each position shows the inside and outside components for each step in the process.

The top row, positions 6 & 10 are missing the outside view components. The board
also shows the typical moth holes in the felt.
We are attempting to get pictures of the factory lobby.
From the history that we have discovered we realize that the board is more then
likely a one of a kind item that hung in the lobby. Since this was WW II they
did not need to drum up more business for their cartridges.

Right now we don’t know what we are going to do with the board. Any
thoughts or comments that anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.


Nice board. If you are not planning to keep it and might want to sell it, consider consigning it in the SLICS Friday night live auction. That way you won’t have to wonder what it’s worth based on somebody’s opinion; it will sell for the highest bid. I’d predict pretty strong bidding.


Thank you for your thoughts. Do you know who is in charge of the auction ?

Sounds like a good year to go back to St. Louis.

Thank you


Look in the Buy, Sell, and Trade section of this forum and see Dr. Dan Leclair’s announcement about the auction, which he runs with Will Adye-White. And if you get your lot info in to him before Jan 31, it will get pre-SLICS publicity.

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