Factory Defects .22RF & .25CF


Some factory defects I found through the years…
Almost rimless .22, rippled .22 and grooveless .25 ACP.
The .22 Long Rifle misfired during a competition and the .25 ACP caused a jam!


No reply?
Are such defects common? Any collector’s value?


I thought you were just showing these as I didn’t see a question.

The 25 acp with the factory defect & any ammunition factory defect has interest. as to value it’s hard to say. A headstamp mistake does have value, like the .44 COLT by Dominion where it was stamped 44 CLOT & others were perhaps a 32 ACP bunter was used on a 20 Remington Auto.

Where something like your 25 & the heading mistake on the 22 LR has only missed being rejected by the inspectors is uncommon but not as “sexy” to most collectors so not as valuable.

Note that some headstamp mistakes were done on purpose during developmental work & not just a mistake & those are more valuable.

A misfire is for the recycle bin, to my mind, if you shoot a lot, dead common, frustrating during a match, but common. Almost every gun manufacturer notes the possibility of hang fires & what to do in their brochures that come with a new firearm.


the 25 acp would be a “rare” 25R for revolver now