Factory drawing of 6mm USN

Does anyone have one? I have a grainy French drawing of the cartridge with the dimensions, but it’s too low quality to use. I am looking for something like this:

That bullet looks a big too large in diameter for 6mm, nearer 7mm.


That is the Woolwich Research Department drawing of the .276 Pederson, Dave. I think Tau was just using it as an example of a detailed drawing.



Will these help ? The French is likely the one you have.
PM me and I can send you much higher resolution images.

There are four basic Lee Navy case types, they are:
The 6mm Lee Rimless case with the (1) 6mm shoulder and the longer rimmed (2) .236 shoulder.
The .236 Rimmed case with the ( 3) .236 rimmed shoulder and the shorter (4) 6mm rimless shoulder.

Fun to find all the variations & by the time you add Winchester & U.M.C. headstamps into the mix…

uscartco, that is the copy I have, if you have a higher resolution version, that would be precisely what I’m looking for. My aim here is to be able to replicate the cartridge in its entirety in CAD, as part of a library I’m working on.