Factory-loaded ammo with reversed bullets


Source: http://techcrim.ru/?page_id=4784

one more photo:

Basically, its a cheap, commercial “plinking” 7.62x25 ammo made from refurbished 5.45x39 cases and using pulled 7.62x39 bullets cut to size. for use in semi-auto PPSh-41 carbines.




The official ammo website says “Предназначены для стрельбы из охотничьего карабина ВПО-135” which is “For shooting from a hunting carbine VPO-135”. I am not a hunter but intuitively the carbine’s short barrel probably is not very accurate. And I know hunters value precision a lot. So people hunt with ППШ-41 in Russia?


“hunting carbine” is a “legal definition”, since according to our laws civilian rifles can be classified only either as “hunting” or as “sport” guns. For example, .50BMG rifles that were once imported into Russia also were certified as “hunting guns”, same applied to .388LM sniper rifles or 9x19 carbines.
VPO-135 (semi-auto PPSh) is purely a collectible / plinking gun.



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