Factory loading from Winchester or not


I can’t find this round in Daniel L. Shuey’s book.
Can anyone tell me something about it.


Here’s some info on it.
The text reads: “Here we have another example of different loads for the same case, causing them, on occasion, to be confused as seperate calibers. These are all variations of the original 50-110 Winchester introduced in 1899 for the Model 1886 repeating rifle. It was also available for the singleshot and Winchester listed it in cartridge catalogs until about 1935.”

Maybe this is it.


You won’t find this round in Dan Shuey’s book, since it is a bullet/case combination that Winchester didn’t produce. They made the case and primer obviously, but the paper-patched bullet would not have been loaded in a smokeless case, much less a high velocity case. Looks like someone slipped that bullet in the first convenient hole it would fit, then added the neck punches to keep it in place.