Failure of Posts DocAV

ON the last few days, I have attempted to reply to several Posts ( WRA packaging, Single digit dated US ammo, etc) and none of the Replies have ap[peared on the threads.
I haven’t done anything different from normal ( Log in, etc) but no results…
Anybody else getting this problem?

Doc AV

Doc–I have not had any problems myself nor have I had anyone else send me as an Admin. an email about any problems. If you continue to have problems, please send me an email with details and I’ll look in to it.

Is this part of the old timing out problem again? Doc’s posts are usually quite lengthy and the message at the end to say it has failed is not necessarily obvious. My tip, send your first sentence or two then update the rest of the narrative by edit. Send each paragraph then as an edited update.

Doc AV,

Lots of approaches. I just do a copy of my post before I submit. If it fails to post, then I just attempt another post and paste in what I had originally written. Easy habit to get into and saves both myself and my wife listening to my cursing!

I very seldom get timeouts now, but I have noticed that they happen more often when my internet response times get longer-probably times when my internet server is particularly busy.

Good Luck,


I do admit that some of the failed posts are a bit long winded ( “going off on a tangent” which should really form a separate New Post), but having to “re-log in” repeatedly is a pain; BTW, non “failure to post” sign comes up at all.

The Failures are not consistent, though, they happen to short posts as well.

Doc AV


Do you connect to the internet through a proxy that may randomize your IP address?

(check here: It usually knows if you are connecting through a proxy.)

If this is the case, if you start a session on the forum, and then your proxy changes the IP address you are connecting from then when you hit submit it would normally continue the same PHP session, but if your IP address has changed it gets all confused and makes you start a new session (as a security measure mainly.)

This could also happen if you are on a dial-up connection and disconnect and then reconnect before submitting. When you reconnect your ISP will often assign a new IP address to you.

Dear Aaron, Not on “dial-up” but on ADSL broadband…gave up on dial-up years ago. But still have connection problems when traffic is heavy.

Australia’s Internet is not what the Gov’t has cracked it up to be…
despite their spending 40 Billion ( yes, 40Billion $$$) to set up a national broadband network (optical fibre) to 90% 0f all users… WHen it is finished (in about 5 years) we will see that it is money wasted. ( and “old technology” as well.)
BTW, not on a “proxy” system…my I’net is MSN.

Doc AV