Fair price for boxes of empty primed cartridges

I would like to purchase 3 boxes of cartridges from a friend. I would like to pay him a fair price for the cartridges but neither of us know the current value. The first is a full box of 25 solid head metallic cartridges ( primed empty) 44 caliber NHS 2 1/4" Remington Military Creedmore Rifle Cartridges. The box is green and black and is in 95% condition. The second is a full box of primed empty 32 Extra Long Ballard hs. REM-UMC 32 EXL. The box is blue and black and is in very good condition. The third is a box of 25 Solid Head Metallic Shells Manufactured by E. Remington and Sons Ilion N.Y. Adapted to the Remington Mid Range Rifle 40-45 Grs. Powder Straight shell 1 7/8 long. In reloading use the Remington 3 1/2 primer. Box is tan with a green label and is full of empty primed shells. It is in very good condition. Can anyone tell me what a fair price would be for each of these boxes? Thanks.