Fairly new, lead free , 22 Long Rifle Rimfire by CCI

This looks to have been around for a year (more or less), Saw it on other web-sites, but I have not seen it on this forum, so I’m posting it as a FYI to you all.
"CCI Copper-22 Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 21 Grain Copper Hollow Point Lead-Free"
“The projectile is constructed from a unique mix of copper particles and polymer compressed into a potent, 21-grain hollow-point bullet. Combined with CCI’s reliable priming and propellant, Copper-22 loads achieve a muzzle velocity of 1,850 fps and provide superb accuracy. This ammunition is new production and non-corrosive.”
I pulled the projectile, which extend, slightly below the heavy crimp in the case, I cut the projectile into and it as a solid copper mixture.
To my limited knowledge on this subject, this is the first lead free .22 Long Rifle Rim-Fire cartridge I have come across. If you have seen others, please enlighten us.

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David - Winchester also makes a lead-free .22LR cartridge, using tin (coated somehow?).

CCI makes another lead-free round called “CCI Short-Range Green”, marketed as CCI SRG.
Likely very similar or same design as their CCI Copper-22, just weaker load and maybe flat nose instead of HP. Intended for plinking.

Merry Christmas to you too.