Fake .30 Carbine M18 Alternate

How about the primer on this M18? Do you think it is legit?

Case is tinned brass and bullet is magnetic.


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All the WRA proof rounds that I have have a flat nickel primer, purple primer sealant and a full ring crimp. My 43 isn’t a tinned case. The standard ball rounds have flat nickel primers and purple primer sealant.

My collection also is as you describe. That is why I am thinking someone made this round up. I am tempted to pull it down and see if a dummy case with blind primer pocket was used to make this round up.

Update; I pulled the round and as suspected, it is a fake with a blind primer pocket. So it was made from a dummy round.
The odd thing is, someone bothered to put 11 grains of very small ball powder in the case. I suppose so it would weigh correctly.


Joe and Carolyn,

I collect .30 Carbine since there were a couple of pistols and a SMG made in that caliber. I have encountered several .30 Carbine proof loads that are, for sure, fakes. I kept a couple of them just for reference. Don’t know why these rounds are faked so much -Originals aren’t even scarce, much less rare, for singles collectors.

John Moss