FAKE 7.63 Mauser Box

AKMS, I basically agree with you. The printing on the vast majority of German labels I have seen is excellent, but there is an occasional label, particularly for repacked ammo that is pretty crude.


Apart from the quality of the printing there is the question of incorrect and atypical useages found: the umlaut missing from the “u” in Hulsen and the “C-96” instead of “C 96” or “C.96” which better follow German practice. Jack

The font used also looks post-war, but I can’t find my old Letraset catalogue right now…

Any German pre-1946 box that has ‘C96’ on it should be regarded with suspicion.

The thing was called the “Mauser Armeepistole”, or the “Mauser Selbstladepistole” with a caliber designation (on DWM boxes).