Fake Georgia Arms ammunition being sold

I just went on the Georgia Arms website (http://georgia-arms.com/)and the first page pictured a box of ammo marked Georgia Arms. and the folloowing text;

Have any of you that attend these shows seen any of this?


Lew, can you post some pics of legit GA ammo? The notice just shows the fake box, but their website does not seem to show their real boxes for a comparison.

Here’s a poser for you. Will the fake boxes(and cartridges) become collectable?


Ray, If someone has a box in 9mm, I’d like to have it! That answer your question??? Sad isn’t it?

Jon, Georgia Arms and Master Cartridge are the same organization. I have 9mm boxes from both, but both are 20+ years old. I was going on the website to see what the new box looked like. They no longer make their own cases and just buy what is available.


No Lew, it’s not sad. I think many of us would do the same if it was in our collecting specialty. I know that I would.

I asked because I am curious to see how others feel.


I’ve not seen a Georgia Arms box, but for years I’ve seen these 7" x 3 1/2" bags.

The lot number 04270954 equates to 27 April 2009.

I have seen Georgia Arms ammo also packed in what they call “open faced boxes”, or OFB. It is basically a styrofoam tray with a label on either end, and the whole thing is wrapped in a single layer of tight cellophane. I have a box of .38 Super with frangible round nose bullets packed in this style, which had been previously offered by frangiblebullets.com (ICC’s retail site).

On the fake box shown as an example on the Georgia Arms website, I find it interesting that the faker misspelled Georgia on the label, which leads one to wonder when he noticed, and if variations of this fake box exist with different labels:

With the spelling error (probably even intended?) I wonder if this qualifies legally as a copyright/trademark infringement then.

The phone number on the label is the correct number for the real “Georgia Arms”, so the intent could still be proved as a forgery I suppose.

Found while looking for something else, of course. Presumably genuine Georgia Arms bag with 10 cent Tennessee tax stamp and presumably fake Georgia Arms red box. This time they spelled Georgia correctly. Lot number on bag is 01111250 (11 January 2012). No lot number on box.