Faking it

I thought I would post this FYI.

I had a spare 6.35x48 Duplex US Experimental (a.k.a. 25 Winchester) that I thought would look neat with my other sectioned cartridges so i put it in my bullet puller, whacked it a couple of times, and guess what popped out?

A bullet. But only one.

It appears that someone had painted the tip green thereby making a fake Duplex from a Simplex. The tip color and size are perfect so there was no way to know.

I’ve had this cartridge for a long time and couldn’t even come close to remembering who I got it from.

Interesting (to me) is that the two cartridges (Simplex & Duplex) are available from more than one source and the value is about the same.

So why did somebody go thru the trouble? I dunno. But be aware.

BTW, I also pulled bullets on a couple of other 6.35x48 cartridges and examined and recorded info on the guts. If anyone is interested I’d be happy to share it with you.

The 53mm cartridges are next.


Getting hold of the right paint is pretty hard to do and a lot of trouble to go to for no real gain.

Is it another possibility that it was painted in error at the factory and the ammunition was then discarded or in some other way set aside? That could be the reason it escaped being used for its original purpose and ended up in your collection. Just a thought.


You must be a nice man. I have a much more larcenous mind. ;)

Regardless, I took a cotton swab with a dab of paint remover and the color came off much too easy, not like you would expect if it had been on there for 50 years. Plus, the bullet had an even patina, not the two tones that you normally see when a once-colored tip is exposed.

Thanks for the interest in my post.