Rafal, again thanks! Is this one dated?

Hi Alex

The date of this morning :-)


Quite fresh then. :-)
So is it the 2019 catalog?

the creation date of a PDF document is shown when you use (on our keyboards ) to display the data-panel of the document. In this example its 2017.

Do it before you save the document to your computer, because the last-changed-date will show the date and time of you save operation. The created-date remains unchanged.

EDIT: Well, the software edited out the keys. So I will write it in another way:
Press and hold CTRL and press D
German keyboard: STRG and D

I think that the new catalog will introduce some new products in production. I do not think they release the catalog every year.

Jochem, I have no idea where to find the data panel. When I view the properties of the pdf I can not find the year 2017. Must be my IT inability.

Also can this file be created in 2017 and havinig been modified now and keep the “original” date?

Alex, see here the Eigenschaften dieses pdfs


so created on 23.2.2017, last Change 17-03-2017

Sorry, I overlooked the incomplete output of my message. See edit of it above.

Gents, never mind, I am on Win7 (on purpose) and here everything is different.

Alex, relax.
I fired up my old Win7 notebook (still used for an old licensed software) with its Acrobat Reader from 2012. The keys CTRL and D have the same effect as today.
You should make sure that the leftmost tab (named “Beschreibung” in Forensics example) is active.

Jochem, thanks.
I see the thing was more basic as I had to open the doc first and not just use the Windows “right click” properties.