Does anyone have any historical information on the Peruvian ammunition factory F

Pequena auda de tu amigo Russo, desculpa mi Espanol. John, it is not fair, you live in a state where English is the second language.
peru21.pe/noticia/232736/reactiv … on-privada

Vlad - thank you. Your Spanish is probably better than mine, and I still haven’t even mastered the Cyrillic Alphabet, despite trying off and on for a couple of years.

This is a little historical information, which is more than I had before. Interesting comments. A little advanced for my 'gringo" Spanish, and I will have to get out the dictionary and verb book to really get a total sense of some of the comments, but I gather there are pro and con regarding a mondernization of FAME. It seems to say that the factory was shut down under Fujimoto, although am not sure, but if so, that would explain so much North Korean and Russian arms and armmunition there.

If you find anything else, let me know. This did not come up on my search of “FAME.”

John, try this link onlinenewspapers.com/peru.htm

ca.babelfish.yahoo.com/translate … =Translate

Using bablefish can be interesting…
: ca.babelfish.yahoo.com/


I have found Babblefish to be just about useless for translating anything properly, especially if a lot of arms and ammunition terms are involved. I get a lot of correspondence translated into Babblefish-English, and it takes me more time to translate them from Italian, French, or Spanish - even German - from “English” into “English” than if I take my dictionaries and translate them directly from the foreign language into English.

I suppose there are exceptions, but I don’t get much correpondence in Basque, Swahili or Romanch : ) !