FAMMAP Help Needed. (Edit: "7.65x53mm or 7.65x54mm, Argentine Mauser, Belgian Mauser, Turkish Mauser.")

Would be grateful for any ID, or background information on the following:

Bullet diameter: 8.00mm
Case length: 53.40mm
Rim: 12:00mm
Base: 11.90
Total length*: 75.05
*The cartridge is inert and has, at some point been pulled, therefore; the total length may not be a good indicator.

Headstamp: FAMMAP (Fábrica Argentina Militar de Munición de Armas Portátiles, San Lorenzo, Argentina.)
Date: 1944

Bullet is highly magnetic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


7.65x53mm or 7.65x54mm, depending upon what reference is used, Argentine Mauser (Belgian Mauser, Turkish Mauser).

Many thanks bdgreen.
I must remember to put more credence on the case dimensions and remember the bullet diameter requirement for the rifling.

Sam, a bullet measuring 8.00 mm is not correct for this case, so it is likely a replacement or maybe it was distorted. Also, this 1944 headstamp is only know to exist with a brass jacket, so a CNCS jacket would be a surprise.



Many thanks for the background information.
The case neck is slightly split, possibly when the bullet was pulled, or the CNCS bullet was inserted.
I would not be surprised if the bullet was not original, as I have found this already, on several occasions.

I have appended some photographs of the separated parts.




Bullet diameter: 8.00mm
Bullet length: 27.00mm

Hope this might help.


That looks very like a reloaded one as the maker gave, in my opinion, far too much taper crimp…