Fancy Russian boxes

A collector from Russia sent a significant number of empty boxes to me. They are mostly shotgun boxes and a couple of 308 and 7.62x39. Many of a cool luxurious Russian look. If you want to see more of them here, or wish to own them, let me know. PM me.

I would like to see more, especially the rifle ones.
I like that moose one, what sort of trade arrangements were you thinking?

More Russian boxes

KZORS brand shells loaded with slugs were about the worst 12 gauge shells I ever fired from any of my shotguns
These misfired every other time, and when fired in my (now-sold) semi-auto shotgun, flame out of the ejection port was almost as big as the muzzle blast
accuracy was dismal, and cleaning was major PITA

on the other hand, Vetter brand shells were pretty good

Opened my gun safe and made few photos of what was inside…

locally made 12 gauge shotgun ammo, “Vetter” brand. reasonably good stuff

less-lethal ammo in 9P.A. and 10x28T, three Russian brands (10x28T AKBS, 9PA “Magnum” AKBS, 9PA “80J” Techkrim) and one Turkish brand (9PA “Smersh”)

BTW, since this is not collectable stuff but an ordinary gun fodder (for me, at least), eventually all these boxes will end up empty and useless (for me)
So, if you interested in getting any of these boxes once I will use up its content, feel free to PM me ;)

Do you carry a pistol with less lethal rounds?

I read on the internet before that you can get a permit to carry a gun with less lethal ammunition in Russia.

yes I do, although not every day these times (right now working as an IT contractor for a company that expressly prohibits any weapons on its property)

Current law allows to own (and carry) up to 2 less-lethal weapons, firing rubber bullets or tear gas. One also can own shotguns for home protection.
I have two less-lethal guns, a 5-shot Taurus revolver in 9PA (based on their 9x19 model 905, loaded with full-moon clips) and Slovak Grand Power T-12 pistol in 10x28T (with 17-round magazines), and two 12 gauge shotguns

Thanks for that.

Will seeing the pistol make most criminals think twice about attacking you as they don’t know whether you have live ammunition or not?

Here in the UK we are not allowed to carry or even own anything like that. Even a pistol that is designed to fire only rubber balls or tear gas is considered as an illegal firearm under our laws.