Fantastic Auction Thread

I would like to start the Fantastic Auction Thread to alert forum members to really cool cartridge auctions. To the best of my knowledge these sellers do not list cartridges on the buy, sell and trade forum.

Bonax58 ( … rs=1890376 ) and
4guage ( … ers=485871 ) are liquidating large collections mainly featuring shot shells.

candu ( … ers=558830 ) is liquidating a fascinating collection of mainly military small arms ammunition and large bore cartridges. These auctions have already been mentioned in this forum.

North 61st Street Cartridge ( … ers=230623 ) has listings every week with all types of cartridges on the block. He has great cartridges for the beginning collector and occasional rarities. I buy from him almost every week and he puts my cartridges in a big box. He ships them when the box starts to approach Fed Ex’s weight limits. OK, I am exaggerating, but not much.

If you run across a seller or even just a single auction that you think other collectors should see, please feel free to tack it on this thread.

I used to think this was a good idea also, except it leads to showing people, some of whom are IAA members and forum users auctions, and then you get people pointing to their own auctions etc… Also, when you have serious collectors who spend countless hours hunting for good items at auctions, they don’t so much enjoy seeing everyone pointed to the auction, and then the price goes way up. My suggestion would be to keep an eye on auctions that interest you, and then post links to them after the auctions are over. This will point out the unique items and give everybody a chance to see them, but not drive the auction bid way up. Also, posting auction links is only good for a certain time as the listing disappear after a few months.