FAQ: Contacting a poster directly


In order to contact another party directly outside of the forum post process but still through this site, there are two options.

If the person has allowed their eMail address to be accessed, there will be a link at the bottom of every post they make and on the right side of their profile page.

If they have the “Private Mail (“PM”)” active, there will be link to that in the same locations. PM works much like posting to the forum except only the recipient will see it.

If you plan to use PM, it is advisable to set “Notify on new Private Message:” to “yes” in your preferences (this is the default).

In using PM, there are a few quirks (it’s a computer, right?!) . . . .

(1) Unlike eMail, when you submit a message, it goes in your “Outbox” and it will remain there, undelivered, until the intended recipient visits their own PM account, at which time the software moves it to the recipient’s “Inbox” and your “Sentbox.”

(2) There are limits on the size of each of the four boxes (the last being your “Savebox”) in your PM account. Periodically, you will need to clear these, because while each box can hold at least twenty messages, the storage capacity is nowhere near as generous as it is with the typical eMail account. Nor, given the resources available to us, can it be.