FAQ: POLL questions


This software has the capability of conducting a poll on any topic one might choose to receive input.

[color=blue]Note: To create or respond to a poll, a user must be both registered and signed-in.

To create a poll:[/color]

(1) Enter the text of the topic in the message window as with any post.

(2) Look to the “Add a Poll” options immediately below the message window.

  • The first option is to add a poll question. It is not required. It may be appropriate if, for example, a person discusses the topic in the message window and then wishes to create a succinct summary. Alternatively, the verbiage in the window may suffice. The choice is the perogative of the poster.

(3) The next step is the Poll options. [u]EACH[/u] option / possible response must be entered separately, followed by clicking on the “Add option” button immediately to the right of the field. There is no practical limit to the number of options which might be available, so, for example, one could run a poll on possible Presidential primary candidates (although such would be inappropriate for this venue).

(4) After this, select a time period. The example created for this FAQ has a ‘0’ in the field so it will run until closed by the originator or site administration.

(5) It is advisable to “Preview” the result to be certain it appears as one wishes!

(6) If it is, then clicking on “Submit” will create the post with the poll.

[color=blue]To respond to a poll:[/color]

Open the thread and all the options are displayed above the original post.

Make your choice and click the appropriate radio button (open circle).

Note: You can only vote once (unless you establish multiple identities for some reason) and once your vote is made, it cannot be undone.