FAQ: QUOTING from a prior post


Often one wishes to address a specific element of another post and a good way to set the framework is to quote what was said before. This is particularly useful for clarity when one is selecting elements from multiple prior posts, especially by different parties, to synthesize a blanket reply of one’s own. Multiple quotes, possibly nested ones, interspersed with original comments by the author would be a typical application of the latter.

The quick and easy way to do this is:

(1) Highlight and copy the selected verbiage.

(2) Return to YOUR reply / post window.

(3) Click on the “Quote” button in the tool bar above that window. This will create an “open” code which will appear (without the quotation marks) as “[“quote”]” . . . .

(4) Then paste the quoted verbiage after the “open” code and click on the “Quote” button again.

The result

(5) Often, it is desirable to indicate the author of the words quoted. To do this, it is necessary to enter the code manually, but this is not difficult. Simply make the attribution immediately before creating the quote sequence, for example:

Iconoclast wrote:

And, yes, it is entirely possible - often useful - to nest quotes.

It is also possible to use the various character codes to emphasize this . . . the following examples use the italic and bold codes for the attribution.

Originally posted by Iconoclast:

  • or even -

[quote]Originally posted by Iconoclast:
Verbiage of some reply . . . . [quote]Originally posted by iaaforum:[quote]Originally quoted verbiage . . . . [/quote][/quote][/quote]