FAQ: REGISTRATION / Logging In (2007/05/25 Update)


All postings on this site are available to anyone who wishes to read them.

However, to do more than view postings, you [color=blue]MUST[/color] be a registered member and logged in.

This is an effort to minimize, if not eliminate, spam postings.

[color=blue]Note:[/color] Unless you choose to log out or leave the site without activating the auto log-in feature, you will seldom need to log in when you visit here once you have followed the steps below.

Please don’t be intimidated by this process . . . it is simple, fast and keeps the spam bots on the other side of the wall!


(1) Click on the “Register” link at the far right of the task menu bar above.

(2) The next page requires acknowledgment of agreement with the various terms of use. Click on the appropriate link.

(3) Presuming you agreed, the next page will be “Registration Information.” Here you enter the name you wish to use for your account, which can be anything meeting a “G” rating - your name, nickname, a “handle” used elsewhere on the 'Net, whatever. You must also enter a valid eMail address (so your registration data can be confirmed) and a password. There is no special password requirement for the IAA site, but a non-intuitive (e.g., not your birthday) string of mixed alphabetic and numeric characters is suggested, and a mix of cases on the alphabetic characters is always a good idea. The last [b]required[/b] step at this stage is to enter the alpha-numeric character string in the graphic. This step is a key means by which we deny access to spammers. If you have a visual handicap which prevents this, contact the webmaster.

(4) The balance of the fields are optional. You can add as much - or as little - additional personal information as you wish.

[color=red]EFFECTIVE 2007/05/25
It will be advisable to enter something about your interests. After this day, all new registrations will be vetted by an administrator. Typically bots and spammers have no idea of the focus of a given site and so either have some generic item inserted in this field (e.g., “sport” or “music”) or nothing at all. They will not say “metric sporting,” “big bore” or whatever else may be your interest.

You can also set your preferences. Note that in the interest of privacy protection, you must CHOOSE to make your eMail available to others visiting the site - the default is to have this capability disabled. Other defaults are to have HTML and BBCode allowed. This is not required, but where many posters routinely use these codes, choosing to disable them (they do NOT carry any risk to the user) may prevent the display of some data.

(5) [color=red]EFFECTIVE 2007/05/25[/color], new registrants must verify their eMail address before the registration becomes valid. This is a very simple process and filters out many of the more sophisticated bots. When you have registered, the site software sends a message to the eMail address entered in the registration. If the address is bogus, it will not be delivered. If it is legitimate, the message will contain instructions for confirmation - basically clicking on an HTML - and the site software will send a message to all administrators of the request for the account. This will be activated within 24 hours - often within a few minutes. It is a bit tedious for all concerned, but this eliminates virtually all automated registrations, while discouraging spammers from registering manually.

[color=blue]CAUTION !![/color]
While the software we are now using will prevent “bots” from [u]POSTING[/u] spam on this site, we are still wide open to other bots (which can be found on every such site) which constantly swarm about seeking to HARVEST eMail addresses in order to spam those.

To this end, it is strongly recommended users do not include their eMail addresses in the body of any post nor in a signature. If you still wish to do this, it is suggested you either alter the address so it will not be recognized as such (e.g., joe@hotmail.com becomes joe at hotmail dot com) or by removing / adding characters while providing instructions for a live person to use to create an accurate address (e.g., "x$joe@hotmail.com - strip off the characters before the ‘j’ in addressing me" or "oe@hotmail.com - add a ‘j’ as the first character in this address"). Obviously the possible variants on these latter strategies are practically infinite - one can use numbers, include instructions for arithmetic operations to derive a number, use terms such as “the fifth letter of the alphabet” or “two letters after ‘K’,” change cases, invert sequences, etc., limited only by creativity and practicality. Some form of these written instruction addresses is more secure than the first option, as a few of the more sophisticated bots have been programmed to pick up on the “at - dot” sequence.

Actually, however, there is no need to include the eMail address in either a post or signature on this site. When you register, you are required to provide a legitimate eMail address. At the bottom of every post you make, there will be at least three buttons: “profile” . . . “pm” (private messaging) . . . “email” A person wishing to contact you directly outside of the forum posting process need only click on the “email” button and it will automatically open a window with the “new message” (or whatever the verbiage may be) overlay of their eMail client with your address already in the “To” field at the top of the page. Only a person, not a bot (AFAIK), can do this.

[color=blue]Please include your location - nation of residence. [/color] This is not required, but it can help people understand the context of questions. Not to mention, as the [u]International[/u] Ammunition Association, it is wonderful to see the many different nations represented on the site. We’re glad to have you with us!

[color=blue]** SIGNATURES **[/color] . . . Please do NOT include any graphic files in your signature block - TEXT ONLY. Many users have dial up service and the presence of graphics in this space is a major handicap to their access times. Keep image files to postings only, and pertinent to the discussion at hand in any given thread. Thank you! You may notice the avatar option is not available on this site - same reason.

[color=blue]LOG IN[/color]

(1) Click on the “Log in” link at the top right corner of the page.

(2) Enter the user name and password chosen in the registration process.

(3) You may choose to log in automatically whenever you visit the site by checking that box immediately below the name and password fields.


Once you have registered successfully and are logged in, you can access the private details of your personal profile by clicking on the “Profile” link at the top of the page. Here you can change your password,** eMail address, preferences, etc.

(1) The only thing which you will not be able to change on your own will be your user name. If you need / wish to change this, you will have to contact a staff member who has “Administrator” permissions. At some point, a list of staff will be something one can access through a link, but for now, the three who can help you are “iaaforum”, “Iconoclast” and “Ray Merchant”. Barring extraneous issues which need not be addressed here, changing a user name is fast and easy.

(2) ** If you elect to change your password, be VERY sure you enter it EXACTLY as you “think” you are entering it. Staff do NOT have access to passwords! Lose it, and it is lost! Remember that passwords are case sensitive! In logging in, you must enter the characters exactly as you did in creating the password . . . “close,” even merely a case difference, simply doesn’t work . . . and, again, staff cannot recover forgotten passwords. Administrators can, however, create a temporary password for you or enter a code you choose. As a matter of security and privacy, if you have an Administrator do this, PLEASE change the password to something only YOU know as soon as you log in. The staff have no need to know others’ passwords, nor do they wish to know them!



Updated 5/25/2007