FAQ: Special note for FIREFOX users!


One quirk of the interaction between the phpBB software used on this site and Firefox is that any automatic encoding activated through the tool bar, whether it be bold, quote or whatever command will automatically be placed at the end of the post as it is written to that point in time.

For example, if you wish to emphasize something in a bold font, the first time you click on the “B” (for bold) button, it will place this “[“b”]” command (minus the quotation marks) at the end of the text written to that point and everything entered from then until the feature is ended by clicking on the “B” button again will appear in a bold font.

But if you have already gone past this point and wish to INSERT font codes, a quotation or whatever, positioning the cursor at the point you wish to do this and clicking the “B” button (for example) will still place this code at the end of what has already been entered, even if the desired location is the very first word in the post and the post is now down to the fifth page!

You only have three options in such an instance: (1) to cut the intervening material and paste it back into the post after inserting the codes; (2) to cut and paste the codes to the points where they belong or (3) to enter the codes manually, which truly is no big chore as these commands are reasonably intuitive and completely consistent in their use.