Fascinating Pakistan Gun & Ammunition Video

I thought this was a really fascinating video about the gun market in Pakistan. Has some great ammunition related footage as well. Besides being scary, one has to be totally amazed by the resourcefulness of the Pakistani people. Pretty amazing.

vbs.tv:80/full_screen.php?s= … sc=1363196

I would really give something to check on head stamps there.

I bet their are a super wide assortment covering a very large date range :-)

Too bad they didn’t have a reporter who knew something about guns!

I wish people from the anti gun organisations would watch things like that. It puts into context the lie that legislation is the answer. You ban guns but they don’t just go away do they?

In the Pattern Room in England there is a Lee Enfield rifle that was made over there by those tribesmen, apparantly it is totally indistinguishable from the genuine article. Right down to the various stamps and indentification marks.

What is more worrying for us in the UK is that because Pakistan was part of the British Empire these guys have virtually free access in and out of Britain. The 7/7 bombing in London was done by Pakistani terrorists, the recent Mumbai Hotel massacre was done by Pakistani terrorists. The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police recently commented that 90% of all the terror plots they uncover and foil have originated in Pakistan.

When the Russians invaded Afganistan the British Government gave tons and tons of their old .303 ammunition to the Pakistan Government knowing it would find its way over the border to the tribesmen, many of whom favoured the old .303 rifle.
Much of the old surplus .303 you still get filtering back onto the worlds surplus market is that ammunition. Before any of you get tempted to buy it look where it has been stored for the past 20 years.