Fast surplusing or production for the open market?

This 2012 AMA 5,56 mm is only from september. Either it is production overrun or the FMT has declared it unsuitable for military use. … ish-by-ama
They obviously have used some improvised packaging as the grey-green boxes are the old standard 7.62 boxes from the old arsenal production.
Kudos to the importer to provide all the illustrations so us collectors can see what we have here.:-)

I think you are right about it being made specifically for the surplus market. It keeps the factories running and there is still a big demand for 5.56 in the US as people are stockpiling massive amounts of ammo. Its causing shortages that are being felt even over here, but some of our American friends can report on that better than I can. Makes you wonder how all thats going to end up.

I guess it’s made for surplus market since boxes for military use wouldn’t be marked “Made in Denmark”?

The packaging is certainly not standard, save the wrappers and the plastic stripper clips. Military production is packed in the kleenex-box type, three to the can as the Fuchs’ book shows it. In addition they usually pack two of the Thermold type magazine chargers in each can. The wrappers are not printed with the contents either.
In the current market climate, those 10 pallets will last a couple of days… ;-)
In 4 weeks I will fire about 100 rounds of surplus L21A1 on Bisley… -Surplus makes the world go around (Sorry to Fred Ebb)