Fastening of driving bands on Arges made 40x53SR

This fired 40x53SR TP projectile made by Arges of Austria (today a part of Rheinmetall) crossed my desk.

As can be seen the driving band came off (or was removed). No traces of the driving band material are recognizable (area in question is marked red).
The driving band groove has no typical knurling or other fastening/securing features we know from similar ammunition.

It could be that the driving band was made of plastic but so far I was not able to verify that Arges ever made such projectiles with plastic bands on.


  • how comes the groove is smooth (radially)?
  • how was assured that the driving band would not slip upon firing?
    Hypothetical: is this design the reason the band came off upon impact?

Alex, this TP97 variant was assembled with a copper driving band. I have seen fired examples with the same still in place, so I assume that yours was removed or broken after firing.



Fede, thanks, I saw it only with copper bands too.

Do you happen to know if Arges ever made plastic bands in 40x53SR?

Alex, as you surely know, their 40x46 use driving bands made of a plastic for longer barrel life, but I haven’t seen any in 40x53.



Fede, Rheinmetall, NICO, Oerlikon and NAMMO do and US made M1001 canister loads (+ related experimentals) also have plastic bands and I am sure there must be more.

As Arges is part of the game with Rheinmetall there could be a connection for the plastic.