Favorite box of ammo!

Hey fellas, I have been inspired by Alex’s (EOD) thread on belted ammunition, of which I’ve read every thread. Since I am not as resourceful or as knowledgeable as about 99.99% of everyone here, I would like for everyone, if you like, to post an image of your favorite box of ammunition. It can be anything from a 20 round box of 5.56, 7,9 box, or even a cabinet drawer… or in my case, this small, modest display case that was my father’s and was primarily the reason why I got into this hobby. I am usually silent on this forum because I’m still very much in the learning phase so I really want to thank you all for your generous sharing of your knowledge and experiences with this hobby.

So, the following is my favorite ‘box’ of ammo, some of you have seen some of these before because I’ve posted questions about some of them:


Ok, I’ll bite. I like all cartridge boxes but some do stand out.





Dardick Box



Not the rarest box but is one of my first and favorites. The box was given to me many years ago by a WWI vet. He said he purchased them new. He also said they were so dirty to shoot and inaccurate he just put the rest of the box away and forgot about them for decades until he found them while packing to move to a retirement home. It’s a partial box the cartridges have no headstamps. The box says “Copper Coated” but the bullets are plain lead.
That’s the story I was told.
american eaglr box



These are some awesome boxes gents, thanks for sharing…never seen a box of Trounds either Mel!!

I am too lazy to photograph mine as it is stored away.

So here a pic from a Russian article:


I am surprised to see 5.45x40.
Many years ago, in the GDR journal “militärtechnik”, the Soviet 5.45 mm M74 cartridge was also called 5.45x40 instead of the usual 5.45x39. A policeman who had served in GDR told me I must be wrong, when I mentioned the militärtechnik article.

Is there any known explanation regarding 5.45x39 versus 5.45x40?

Jochem, I think it is rather simple.
These here are for the TP-82 survival pistol of Soviet space crews.
And as they had to consider landings outside the USSR it is not advisable to have ammunition for assault rifles in the crew’s possession as that may cause irritations with what ever national legislation of a country. Means the caliber designation was changed to 5.45x40 (in a more international way of designation with case length) and the rounds here were SP with an explicit marking as hunting ammunition.

The story you have heard before sure is some sort of miss-interpretation originating in the early days of the 5.45x39. In particular as in the “east” nobody used the case length for designating a caliber.

That’s very interesting Alex…I have never heard of a 5.45x40 before, what an awesome box!

“Can” I play ?


Actually two, one a packet & one a box of the same fodder for the Boss.


Such a difficult question; I love all my children, but…


Here’s another one of my favorites…from the tin category! Many have seen this before but it’s definitely one of my favorites. It’s so hard to pick just one!

Wow what’s inside of that?

That’s awesome… I have one from 1911


13,2 mm Hotchkiss Long M.1925


I only collect ammo boxes if the are connected with my ammo collection…but these two are my favourites



Awesome box Tony!