Fayette-ville N.C. Tornado


The Fayetteville N.C. Area was hit by a Tornado Sat 16 Apl.We just got power,e-mail etc.Two(2) blocks from my house is a disaster Area,resembles an “ARCH LIGHT” in Nam.My sons house,( our old home) received some damage,plus lots of large trees down.
To those of you who attempted to call or send e-mails,thanks for your concern,
Please pray for those less fortunate, as many lost every thing.
All our Best
Jack Wells


You may want to move to Sin City. According to the locals, there are NO tornadoes here, ever. Tornadoes are afraid of large resort fees and overpriced drinks, I think.


I suppose “arch light” is a nickname for “bombardment” ?


Pivi, An arch light is usually referred to a bomb drop by a B52 BUFF (80+ 500lb bombs at once). Don’t know if the term has transferred to the B1 or B2, but it is synonymous for a heck of a lot of destruction.

SgtMaj, My and I’m sure our prayers are with you, yours and your community, especially on this Day of Easter. May God be With. Sincerely, Bruce.


Jack - I am happy you were not injured, and hope things with all your family are well. As you know now, all the folks at SLICS went through a Tornado, although the hotel was only on the very edge of the one that did huge damage just down the road at the airport terminal, and to other communities. Those of us that I had never even seen a tornado in our lives now can understand, from our own scary experience at SL and seeing the actual devestation, can finally understand what folks have gone thru, including you and yours. But someone up there tries their best to take care of Sgt. Majors and their families I think, and your service to your country makes that right! Bless you and yours, my friend, and I join the others in offering my thanks that you did not suffer any serious injury or loss of life among your folks. We’ll meet again next year.