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I received orders from the wife to get the Christmas decorations out today, and in the back of the closet, I found this wood top from a shipping crate. I haven’t a clue where I got it, nor do I know what might have been in the crate that it came from. I would assume it was ammunition, but I suppose it could have been anything shooting range related, although I suppose I shouldn’t rule out golf-related (FBI Academy driving range?) either.

Babelfish translates the German term ausfuhrgut to ‘drive out well’, which isn’t too helpful. Can the contract number or the other numbers in the labeling provide any indication as to what might have been in the crate?


Ausfuhrgut = export goods


The only thing I can tell you is that the FBI received and used a large quantity of blue plastic .308 &7.62 x 51) short-range cartridges from Germany. It might - absolutely pure and wild conjecture with zero confirmation - be top of a case for that ammunition.


If it was ammo it shold have had appropriate lebelling for danger classes etc.


also, Google Translate works SOO much better than Babblefish… plus it’s detect language feature is really amazing when you have no idea what language you are copying and pasting into it.



Lots of time the classification symbols, contents description, etc. are on the sides of these crates, leaving the tops clear for addressing, etc., and the ends clear for rope or folding metal handles, or wood handles. Still, I don’t really know what the crate was for. I just happened to know about the FBI contract with DAG for plastic training rounds in .308, and thought I would mention it as a possiblity.

The fact it is addressed to the Quantico Range Facility made ammo a good bet, but probably not the only one.


AusfuhrGut:…Literally “Good to go” ( approved for delivery, shipment, etc.)

Looks like your standard German GI ( or “DM” ) ammo crate…

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[quote=“EOD”]Ausfuhrgut = export goods[/quote]Hans


Thanks all. If anyone collects such items (FBI items or mystery crate tops) , I’d be happy to send this to them for the cost of the shipping.

Obviously, I should have used Google - they seem to do everything else (maps, search, books) better too.