FC 08-headstamped 40 S&W

The contents of the last box of Independence-brand 40 S&W I examined are quite interesting. The box was the same size as its Federal counterpart, contained a Federal tray, and sported Federal Lot No V48Z636 (24 Aug 2009). Five randomly-chosen cases from it, and given to me with the box, are headstamped “FC (over) 08”. Two of those had minute (less than the thickness of a hair) circular metal shavings – the same diameter as the primer – springing up around the primer. I rarely observe a similar phenomenon when I’m seating primers. I’ve also previously observed “FC 09” 40 S&W cases.
First: Who is the “FC 0x” ammo made for? They’re obviously not the normal made-for-civilian-market cases.
Second: Two of the five cases left the factory in less than perfect condition – a rather high percentage, and they’re 2008 production in a late 2009 box. Altho the term “scraping the bottom of the barrel” comes to mind, it occures to me that this ammo wasn’t first quality.

My guess would be the US Coast Guard, which adopted .40 S&W pistols a few years ago.

Perhaps they are rejects from USCG contracts?

In addition to the “FC (over) 08” and “FC (over) 09” cases, I now have a single case headstamped “FC 10 (over) 40 S&W”. Should I continue presuming its for the Coast Guard?

I’d say so. I am reasonably sure Federal got the contract for the Coast Guard’s purchase of .40 S&W, and I can’t think of any other reason for the military-style headstamp. I haven’t heard of any other military purchase contracts for .40 S&W ammunition, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t some. I have quite a bit of information on the USCG’s adoption of the .40 S&W, but I’d have to find it. All of the support work for this program was done by the Navy (Tim Ream) at NSWC-Crane for the USCG, and I seem to remember that there was a paper presented by Crane at one of the NDIA Small Arms meetings about that.

Could be that your ammunition was a Federal production overrun or maybe did not meet USCG inspection requirements and was re-sold. Could be many other reasons.

I think there were two different .40 S&W USCG rounds type-classified, both having 155 grain bullets - one FMJ and one expanding. I have no idea how the USCG ammunition is packaged. Does anyone have an example to post?


I have some of these FC 0x headstamped cases. They were found in an italian shooting range where some american embassy personnell use to go

On other forums I read that the primers on these cases were crimped. Are the primers on your cases crimped? None of mine show any indication of being crimped.

No, there is no trace of crimp on the primers