FC 11 9mm Factory Seconds

Came across two Federal Cartridge Co. military contract 9mm/M882 boxes labeled FACTORY SECONDS. Associated cases were headstamped (+) FC 11.

One box had a lot number – FC-11C001-017 – stamped on the inside flap where QC would normally stamp the lot number; also a handwritten “2”. On the un-lot numbered box, the same person wrote “2’s”, obviously a reference to being seconds.

Any obvious reasons why they are seconds? Was this at a retail store or found at a firing range?


Found at range, previous history unknown, second box with lot number took some effort to recover. Fired cases had nickeled primers which were crimped and case cannelure was hardly visible, otherwise unremarkable. A bit over a year ago I recovered another Federal Cart. Co. FACTORY SECONDS box, in 40 S&W (see last entry under “Federal box and shotshells, early 1940’s”). Those standard brass cases, FC NT (over) 40 S&W – nickeled and crimped primers – were also unremarkable. The box was a standard black and white contract box with commercial lot number 348V717 stamped on the back.